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Orange painting showing various male figures by artist Bahram Hajou

detail of painting by Bahram Hajou

Bahram Hajou
The Haunting Imagery of the Painter

Bahram Hajou's work was publicly presented and exhibited by over one hundred museums and galleries worldwide.  

This beautiful, hard covered publication provides the reader with high quality images, insights to western cultural theory, and understanding the dialogue between an artist and his audience.  

Cover: "Face of the king" by artist Bahram Hajou

Mountain painting of The Badlands, America by artist Albert O'Hayon and Brian Kastan
Beautiful book about living artist Bahram Hajou published by Binoche Fine Art Publications
About Binoche

Binoche Fine Art is a compelling destination and resource for collectors and investors on today's dynamic art work. Specializing in modern and contemporary art everywhere.

Detail of "The Badlands" by artist Albert O'Hayon, photography by Brian Kastan

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